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November 12, 2020

" Unbiased, clear and original in its long-term view of portfolio construction. A must read for serious investors."-Charles R. Schwab


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Uncommon Confidence

Inspiring an uncommon level of confidence.

We have earned the distinction of being a top-rated wealth advisory firm by Barron’s and the Financial Times. But that’s not how we measure our success. We measure it by the confidence our clients place in us. 
We know what’s at stake, and how much you’re counting on us to help you manage your wealth—to make the most of your wealth. Only you can give meaning to your wealth, and we know it means much more than numbers on a page. We know it represents your security, ability to support your family, live your dreams and comfortably enjoy your retirement in whatever way you want. 
With this top-of-mind every day, we take a very different approach to the work we do. In an industry that’s often anything but, we keep things simple, clear and candid. What you won’t see in most firms is how they deliver on the promises they make. At Tanglewood, we align our business practices with our personal values, and put them into action: 
  • True Independence: As a 100% privately owned firm, we are truly independent. We make the decisions that are best for our clients and our business. There are no banks or big businesses managing from behind the scenes.
  • Transparency: We have nothing to hide, and have readily shared our own portfolios with clients to demonstrate our dedication to our discipline and strategies.
  • Trust: We believe our client interests are as important as our own. Surprising to many, we have lowered our fees on three separate occasions over the years when productivity gains improved our economics.
Perhaps most telling is that we’ve retained clients for decades, with several having been with us since we started in 1979. You don’t build relationships that stand the test-of-time by doing things the traditional way, you do it by working hard each and every day to make sure that working with us means:
  • You have confidence that your goals and concerns come first
  • You know what we are doing and why
  • You feel informed and updated on all relevant issues
  • You feel heard, listened to and understood
  • You enjoy complete transparency and unexpected responsiveness
Our mission is clear: we partner with you to turn your financial questions and uncertainty into financial confidence that’s truly uncommon. 

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Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (713) 840-8880

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